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Polarity Therapy w/ Jennifer

Is Tension holding you back from accessing your optimal health? Polarity Therapy (PT) aims to help you meet life challenges effectively and rebound efficiently back to balance.

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Polarity Therapy w/ Jennifer
Polarity Therapy w/ Jennifer

Time & Location

30 abr 2023, 12:00 – 17:00

Brielle, 610 South St, Brielle, NJ 08730, USA

About the Event

What is holding you back from accessing your optimal health? Tension is the crystalized or dense form of chronic stress that can obstruct life energy flow in the body. This obstruction is often the culprit for many modern diseases. Polarity Therapy (PT) aims to unblock and facilitate flow of this life energy, to help one meet life challenges effectively and rebound efficiently back to balance. During this process nothing will be added to your system, it will only encourage better circulation and re-connection. As a result, one may experience subtle energy shifts, subconscious release, greater mental clarity, & frequently a sense of deep relaxation. Each 20- minute clothed session will take place on a massage table & will include hands on and/or off touch, reflexology, and craniosacral unwinding.

About Polarity Therapy

Vibrant, whole, balanced. We all desire this, yet it seems elusive & challenging with the demands of today’s world.  Technology & the expectation of instant response adds a new layer of stress to our often already complicated lives. Tension, chronic patterns, and anxiety are all symptoms of unbalance. Polarity Therapy is a way of returning to our natural state of flow.

Polarity Therapy is an effective & holistic treatment that focuses on energy—its origin, movement, qualities, & its effect on health.  It addresses four dimensions of being: physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual.  Everything is energy & vibrates. We are unique vibrational beings constantly balancing within ourselves & relating with the universe. Freedom & balance of energetic and physical movement patterns in the body reflects a state health that enables self-actualization.

Our body has a natural inclination for all tension to come to resolution.  It is with this innate desire that we can restore & heal, always! That deep relaxed state we call our “still point” can be experienced & used as a tool, integrated as an awareness into our living!

About Jennifer Chang

Jennifer has worked in the health & healing profession for over 20 years, as an Occupational Therapist, Board Certified Polarity Therapy practitioner, and a Yoga & Meditation teacher. By incorporating knowledge & techniques drawn from over 2000+ hours of training, she looks to transpire new pathways, to re-connect each client back to his/her innate  intelligence. She will meet your where your tension resides and hold the space to facilitate balance where inner healing can occur and support your journey to unbound potential.

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